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Covenant Health Virtual Urgent Care does not treat life-threatening illnesses or injuries.
If you have an emergent condition, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department.

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Have Questions?

  • What is Covenant Health Virtual Urgent Care?

    Covenant Health Virtual Urgent Care refers to the “virtual visits” that take place between patients and clinicians through communications technology. This digital connectivity allows “virtual” meetings to occur in real-time, from separate locations, and only requires an internet connection. 

  • How long does a visit take?

    The initial intake questions for a Virtual Care visit take most patients 5 minutes or less. The total number of questions you answer will depend on your condition.

  • Who makes the diagnosis?

    Once you've answered all the interview questions, an emergency medicine experienced Covenant Health Virtual Care clinician (physician (MD/DO), nurse practitioner (NP), or physician assistant (PA)) will review your symptoms, make a diagnosis, and develop your treatment plan.

  • Can I get a prescription?

    Covenant Health Virtual Care clinicians are licensed and able to prescribe certain medications as part of your care plan, if clinically appropriate. We do not provide prescriptions for pain medications or narcotics. 

  • Do I have access to records of my Virtual Care visits?

    Yes, you can access your records at any time through your Covenant Health Virtual Care account. You have the option to print or forward your records to your primary care provider or other clinician, if you like.

  • How do I update my insurance information in my account?
    • Log in to your account and select “Profile and History.”
    • Select “Patient Details” and “Edit Profile.”
    • Go to the Benefit Groups dropdown and select your insurance from the available list of options.
    • Add the Member/Subscriber ID.
    • Select “Update Profile.” If you need help updating your profile, please call (855) 606-0777.